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SystemTera® | Features and Functionality

Features and Functionality

Configuration and Commissioning

Simple, Intuitive and Efficient “Time is money!” – This truth applies to homeowners as well technicians who build the electrical installations. The SystemTera products and hardware are designed to be an efficient installation and effortless commissioning is ensured. Efficient Installation The SystemTera.Server can be quickly…

Technical Surveillance and Alarming

Silent monitoring and notification   App or SCADA Console on PC With the SystemTera.App or via the console SystemTera.Manager, you always have access to your system. E.g. – simply think about monitoring temperatures in your smart home and SystemTera will oversee everything for you – temperatures,…

Lightning Control

Intelligent Lighting Control Lighting not only brightens your surroundings but also helps you see well at night or during cloudy weather. And certainly it is practical if you can switch the light on and off with a mobile app – but intelligent lighting control with…