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Version Information

Version Information SystemTera 2.23.1

Performing the Update This update package is much larger as usual and requires up to 10 minutes of processing time after the download has been completed. During the upgrade process the server must not be reset or it might become unusable! New or Improved Functionality…

Version Information SystemTera 2.23

New or Improved Functionality [STA-2653] – Redesign Pulse Counter Time has shown that there are a number of factors which may introduce inaccuracies when counting pulses, e.g. to determine the consumption from gas meters. Some of the problems are related to the configuration being too…

Version Information SystemTera 2.22

New or Improved Functionality [STA-2682] – Improved PID Controller The behaviour of the PID controller can be fine tuned using the following new parameters: Parameter “Control output min step size” Minimum change to the control output values. Use this to have less frequent but bigger…

Version Information SystemTera 2.18.0

New or Improved Functionality [STA-2611] – Support for EnOcean Meters Support for the following Equipment Profiles has been added: A5-12-00 Automated Meter Reading / Counter A5-12-01 Automated Meter Reading / Electricity A5-12-02 Automated Meter Reading / Gas A5-12-03 Automated Meter Reading / Water A5-12-10 Automated…