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SystemTera® | Configuration and Commissioning

Configuration and Commissioning

von SystemTera: einfach, intuitiv und effizient!

Configuration and Commissioning

Simple, Intuitive and Efficient

“Time is money!” – This truth applies to homeowners as well technicians who build the electrical installations.

The SystemTera products and hardware are designed to be an efficient installation and effortless commissioning is ensured.

Efficient Installation

The SystemTera.Server can be quickly installed in any standard distribution center. All connections are equipped with plugs – granting a fast physical installation of the equipment.


Easy commissioning

Configuration has never been easier! The commissioning and installation of your SystemTera.Server can be carried by simply downloading the freely available software SystemTera.Manager,  which you can find in the download section of this website.

Immediately after the installation, you can register the new SystemTera.Server and assign yourself a user account. For a SCADA console, for monitoring a Smart Home and for configuration and commissioning purposes, there is only one software – permissions determine who gets what to see!


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Intuitive Configuration

The configuration or ‘programming’ is done in SystemTera.Manager. Through an easy to understand visual concept and the associated connections with data objects, everything can be easily connected to visualization elements. One click and the complete configurations are saved on the SystemTera.Server!


Quick visualization

Create visualizations for the mobile app or PC in almost no time. Choose from a range of elements and simply drag them to a blank canvas. With a few clicks, these are linked to a data points, and values can be displayed in the app. You find elements such as temperatures and gauges, scenes, switches for blinds, lights, HSV colour pickers and so much more. You can organize your app in folders and add links and determine an easy or advanced navigation. A permission system allows you to make different “apps” for children oder other users at any level of competence, e.g. simple employees or administrators.



Even a complex hydraulic diagram is not a problem. Just upload the scheme plan e.g. as .jpg file and then populate this scheme with visualization elements. Now simply assess the pressure in the system, the status of a pump, flow temperatures and many other parameters.


Import of KNX project files

By importing KNX project files to an existing plant, one can quickly and efficiently visualize and control it remotely.

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