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SystemTera® | Contemporary Shading Control with SystemTera

Contemporary Shading Control with SystemTera

Contemporary Shading Control with SystemTera

JalousieModern houses and business facilities are designed by architects in a way that energy efficiency is optimized by sunlight. Through clever planning you can save energy and increase your comfort. This involves protecting the premises from excessive sunlight and this can be achieved through an intelligent automation of shading for optimum comfort in any season.

SystemTera not only provides single shade control on an app, but you can easily operate a fully automatic shading control.

With SystemTera you can …

  • Activate shading scenes easily via switch or app
  • Choose fromfollowing kinds of automatic programs or their combination::
    • Shading
    • Glare control
    • Privacy shield
  • The shading is dependent on the actual position of the sun according to the season – calculated from the date and location of your plant
  • Retract shading during strong winds
  • Include your weather station in the scheme
  • Just an existing KNX system retrofit

Fully automatic – the SystemTera blind automatics

Being fully automatic your blind control can operate your blinds for best results, taking data from wind sensors, brightness sensors and rain sensors into account. The blinds go up if it is too windy or the blind is removed from automatic operation once the associated terrace door is open.

Die SystemTera Jalousieautomatik automatisiert die Bedienung einer Jalousie für Sichtschutz, Endblendung und / oder Beschattung. Mit entsprechenden Einstellungen sind diese Einstellungen auch für Raffstore und Rollos anwendbar. Die SystemTera-Jalousieautomatik enthält folgende Funktionen:

The SystemTera blind-automatics automates the operation of a blind for privacy, glare control and / or shading. With appropriate settings, these settings are also applicable for venetian blinds and roller blinds. The SystemTera-blind-automatics contains the following functions:

Automatic Lock

Through manual operation, one can temporarily change the shading. The automatic lock prevents the automatic control during such times. This simply gives power to you and means that deliberately closed blind remains closed, even if the automatic would open the blinds because of the settings.

Lock-Out Prevention

Prevents the inhabitants to be locked out deliberately – e.g. when the terrace door is opened with blinds up and when the automatic wants to wind the blinds down – preventing you to reenter through the open door. For this purpose, an opening sensor on the door is integrated into the system. If you have a wired KNX installation, and intend to retrofit an opening sensor: you can do so also without cabling. SystemTera integrated EnOcean wireless modules from different manufacturers that do not require battery due to a small built-in solar cell and are therefore maintenance-free.

Privacy shield

In general you want to have an automatic screening based on the prevailing weather and light conditions outside. When it is dark outdoors, you turn on the lights inside the house and this makes it visible from outside, hindering your privacy in many ways. The blinds can be configured to operate on the basis of the onset of dusk or based on a particular time of the day when it blinds automatically.

Shading and Glare Control

Shading calculates the slat position so that the maximum brightness is reached without direct sunlight.
Glare control ensures that it is neither too bright nor too dark in the room and there is no glare despite less sunlight. The slat position is adjusted to the current position of the sun through the sun’s calculated position and the specified structural parameters are adjusted accordingly to ensure maximum comfort.

Technical Information on Blind Control >>

Simple operation via touch and rocker switch

You can use any switch programs with SystemTera which fits the design of your property and your budget. So you can use push-button interface for flush-mounted box and use to four conventional push button switches with only one KNX interface. Of course you can also include exclusive models with the best design or mix which is easy to install.

Sie können mit SystemTera auf jedes Schalterprogramm zurückgreifen, dass zu Ihrem Objekt und Ihrem Budget passt. So können Sie zB mit nur einer KNX EIB Tasterschnittstelle für Unterputzdosen bis zu vier herkömmliche günstige Taster verwenden. Natürlich können Sie auch exklusive Modelle mit bestem Design inkludieren oder den Einsatz einfach mischen.

You can also assign several functions to one puch button – e.g. by pressing the trigger short or longer for different functions.

For rare functions you can dispense wall mounted switches entirely: a whole battery of well-labeled switches is available in the SystemTera.App. A good example is the use of blinds in a frontal space with a door and two windows. You can control both windows with only one switch and if you want to use as individual shading during cleaning work, you can access the app instead of using a separate switch for each blind. Automatic functions are enabled as high shading when you open the terraces or balcony doors – and remember you don’t need switches for this as well.

Redundant Hardware Savings

For example if a weather station for heating control has an anemometer, you do not need a second anemometer for the shading system. The same also applies to the radiation sensor or a solar photovoltaic system thus enhancing the control of your shade!

If your irradiance sensor and yur temperature sensor tells you it will be a hot and sunny day, the blind control takes over and prevents your home from heating up. In Winter, when the outside temperature is low the blind control however opens the blinds to permit solar gains and save heating costs.

Shading depending on the sun (azimuth, elevation)

The built in astronomical clock of SystemTera.Server always knows exactly when the location of the sun changes and when it rises or sets. The adaptor can calculate the blind-automatic of SystemTera when dusk falls and turns or blinds off when you need a privacy screen. Your shade responds accordingly. A brightness sensor can be incorporated and also be used in lighting scenes and combine them with the shading.

Moreover, you can change the shading or glare reduction depending on the structural nature of the room:


Thus, the shading is available only when it is necessary.

The shading does what you want!

You might know this situation: The automatic shading does everything defined on the program. But this might not be what you want in this situation! or these added features, the Automatic Lock is activated by manual operation and allows you to determine whether a blind should be down or not. Apart from that the Lock-Out Prevention is activated as soon as you open an associated door or french window. By a sensor the system knows your terrace door has been opened and overrides the system again to prevent you from being locked out by either the automatic operation or manual interference by someone else. This works also as an convenience feature: You open the terrace door and the bling automatically goes up gives way.

Operate with SystemTera

  • Blinds and venetian blinds with slat adjustment
  • Blinds and Awnings
  • in dependence of
    • open windows, doors
    • Time and Season
    • Sun position (azimuth and elevation)
    • Temperature and irradiation

The main functions of your SystemTera.Server are

  • Privacy shiels
  • Glare control
  • Blind control
  • Logic functions to influence shading in dependency of sensor values (eg indoor and outdoor temperature, sunlight, seasons and relations with with thresholds (hysteresis and duration of observation, …)
  • Automatic Lock
  • Lock-Out Prevention

With SystemTera, you can realize your dream of a comfortable, sun-dependent and energy-efficient shading control. They deliver comfortable and on-command services simply through switches in your home or can even be monitored or controlled centrally through an app – no matter where you are!