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Heating and Air Conditioning

Wohlfühlen und Energiesparen!

A central and important element in any intelligent building – whether smart home or business spaces, certain degree of automation brings in extremely intelligent heating and air conditioning.


Cut Costs on Energy



Heating demands as much as 60% of the energy costs in the northern hemisphere. This shows the many reasons for connecting heating and other features in an intelligent energy saving setup for a building.

But let’s face it – in order to achieve comfort we have to compromise on energy savings. But with SystemTera they can achieve both goals because one does not exclude the other.


Whatever Heating

Your SystemTera.Server ‘works’ with almost every available heating and cooling setup. The control is either via its own control module, such as the SystemTera.Controller, or an individual room control. These blocks can either communicate directly with the SystemTera.Server or via gateways.

You might not even realize that your property already has an energy management system. Somewhere you will certainly find a heating thermostat willingly or unwillingly doing what the installer has programmed in this establishment. The temperature in unused rooms can be regulated on its own by simply turning off the heater.

Intelligent energy management allows you, however, to control the respective situations and adapt to it accordingly. You are away from home? Worry not! Your heater ensures heat balance is maintained and altered as required so that no damage occurs and your plants feel comfortable too. With SystemTera You can check the status from a distance and also turn the heating switch back to normal operation. So when you come back from chilling cold with a warm home to greet you, we are sure you will warmly recommend SystemTera to others!

Plan to equip your new building with SystemTera also existing plants for which SystemTera is highly suitable. You can manage individual room temperature regulation also wirelessly for instance on the green standard EnOcean in older properties.

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Individual room control and comfort

Shading, air-conditioning and various heating systems are coordinated in your desired place for better interaction via the SystemTera.Server. To take advantage of the sun on a cold day or to protect yourself from scorching summer, SystemTera is there to offer customized services.

For varied heating requirements, you can use the SystemTera.App to remotely change settings and on the SystemTera.Manager you can get not only a few values, but have the eclectric and hydraulic sceme your entire heating system visualized.

Due to the numerous options you can combine normal room thermostats or EnOcean radio solutions.


Remote Maintenance

You can change the heating and controller settings from a distance with remote access. Your or your technician has full access and in case something is broken or thresholds are triggered the system can alarm you in time – before any serious damage occurs.

Visualisierung eines Hydraulsichen Schemas

Visualization of a hydraulic scheme in SystemTera.Manager 

Uses of SystemTera when heating

SystemTera is for family homes with solar heating or heat pumps as for district heating  providers, which operate in a decentralized heating plant in industrial, commercial and residential constructions.

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Smart Home


District heating

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