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SystemTera® | Lightning Control

Lightning Control

Intelligent Lighting Control

Lighting not only brightens your surroundings but also helps you see well at night or during cloudy weather. And certainly it is practical if you can switch the light on and off with a mobile app – but intelligent lighting control with SystemTera can do a whole lot more than that!

Lighting scenes and scene control

SzeneFeeling gloomy or sad? Don’t worry. With the right mix of light and color, happier atmosphere and mood lighting can be created and stored in scenes that can be recalled either by pressing a switch or a scene button on the SystemTera.App or even completely automated as determined in a SystenTera.Server rule.

‘Cinema’ may be one such scene. The light dims down slowly, a the ambient lighting creates a relaxed view of the flat screen TV or the big screen. What’s more, even the sound systems can be turned on with the right component settings and of course, can also integrate the shading features in the scene. In this way your SystemTera.Server takes care of everything.

Good lighting is not just a feel-good factor in the house, but positively impacts your physical and mental well-being. In commercial use, the right lighting has a positive effect on productivity and an intelligent control system helps to cut down energy costs by a double digit percentage factor.


From light bulb to color LED

What do you want to control with SystemTera depends less on the lighting fixtures but much more on the actuators used. Apart from supporting the most widespread KNX / EIB, SystemTera.Server also supports Modbus or DMX devices and wireless protocols.

Ease of use in the app

Operation via the SystemTera.App can be carried out either via preset scenes or directly using a slider. Now play with artificial lighting as the control is at your fingertips. This allows you to adjust the degree of dimming, the color and even the color intensity directly! And if you change lighting scenes, don’t worry about being startled due to a sudden change but a gradual fade-in and fade-out, which smoothly transitions from one mood to the other.

In short, no matter what bulbs you choose or whether you are retrofitting existing plants or rescheduling everything: you have a wide canvas waiting for you to paint your imagination and current state of your mood through SystemTera.Server!


  • Recall szenen
  • Switch
  • Dimming the light
  • Central functions


  • HSV colour space
  • Colour tone
  • Saturation
  • Brightness


  • Fully editable user interface
  • Folders and links
  • Permission system for multiple users

Simple operation via touch and rocker switch

tastschalterGleich mal vorweg: Viele Schalter und Taster sehen nicht immer gut aus und kosten zu dem noch richtig Geld. Die gute Nachricht ist die, dass Sie mit SystemTera auf jedes Schalterprogramm zurückgreifen können, dass zu ihrem Objekt und Ihrem Budget passt. So können Sie zB mit nur einem KNX EIB Busankoppler bis zu vier “0815”-Schalter verbauen, die es ab etwa € 12,- in jedem Baumarkt gibt. Natürlich können Sie auch exklusive Modelle mit bestem Design inkludieren oder den Einsatz einfach mischen.

Just to make clear: We all know that switches and buttons can look bulky and some cost a handsome amount. But with SystemTera, you can be rest assured about the quality, design and cost as every switch range suits the location or the object it is being considered for and is well within the budget of whatever is planned.

For example you can start selecting up to four any shape and any price bridge switch only one KNX EIB bus coupler – available at any KNX supplier. Of course you can also include exclusive models with the best design or mix for easier use.

You can also use one switch for various operations and distinguishing them by holding the switch a little longer. In those cases where you use a certain function only on rare occasions, you can completely dispense a physical switch, as a whole battery of well-labeled switches is available in your SystemTera.App.


On your tablet computer or SystemTera.Display, you can directly choose colours yourself or the scenes can perform the color settings. While many other manufacturers only allow a single color change, with SystemTera, you can go a step ahead and also set color saturation and brightness – from delicate light shade to the bolder super bright one!

Overview of Features and Options

  • Twilight-dependent control
  • Brightness-dependent control
  • Time and Sun dependent control
  • Central functions (when leaving home)
  • Basic lighting function, emergency
  • Scene control
  • Operation with switches, buttons, app and wall panel
  • Visualization on app and PC
  • HSV color controller
  • Dimmer
  • Timer
  • Rules also in conjunction with shading
  • DMX supported
  • KNX / EIB
  • Modbus RS485 and IP
  • DALI e.g. via Gateway

What you should know:

Industry standards versus proprietary solutions

Just to point out: SystemTera basically supports only industry standards. There are other manufacturers who sell actuators and solutions based on proprietary standards. But you don’t really have to be at the mercy of a single producer for all solutions in your home, narrowing your prospects of enjoying great features.

Due to economic constraints, some manufacturers tend to compromise on quality and this can lead to technical problems later on, which have the potential of rendering the existing electrical installation more or less obsolete over time. Just imagining the manufacturer goes out of business.

If you, for example, rely on a KNX installation in combination with SystemTera, there are a number of reputable manufacturers that supply components. If a component is defective – replace them easily with the same or a different manufacturer. Even if your SystemTera.Server develops some defects, their installation still continues to work. You are dependent neither on us nor on other manufacturers.

Also, you get an industry-standard bus system with a safe option – to easily exchange components whenever required, without adding to the cost of upgrading to a whole new system!