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SystemTera® | Technical Surveillance and Alarming

Technical Surveillance and Alarming

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At this point, you might expect a beach photo where someone monitores 2000 miles from home his property with his mobile telephone or a promotional video where someone get’s a kiack out of switching the TV set of for his children from his desk at work. makes a mobile app to his children the TV.

Well you can have fun but you can do a whole lot more with SystemTera!

Silent monitoring and notification



Your SystemTera.Server can monitor your entire installation and will send notifications in case of errors in connected devices, when thresholds are exceeded or when triggered by a door or window sensor – no matter where you are. Yes, your SystemTera.Server can even monitor itself. You will be alerted when your system can no longer be tracked in the SystemTera.Cloud.

App or SCADA Console on PC

With the SystemTera.App or via the console SystemTera.Manager, you always have access to your system. E.g. – simply think about monitoring temperatures in your smart home and SystemTera will oversee everything for you – temperatures, operating mode, status of pumps and much more. Set the protocol and the connected devices will send the error messages or exchange data points. If someone gatecrashes or stealthily tries to enter through the window, Bingo! The notification pops right in your SMS or email inbox.


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Monitoring and Alarming in Smart Home

Typical monitoring applications in any intelligent home are:

  • Door or Window Sensors
  • Thresholds for heating as temperatures or system pressure
  • Alarms when piping breaks or leaks
  • Water level in water tank
  • Consumption and photovoltaic yield

Monitoring and alarming in industrial and commercial

Commercially used systems have far-reaching requirements and must include a variety of sensors.

  • Failure of site installations
  • Minimum levels in resources or depots of energy sources
  • Leaks in pipings and tanks
  • Pressure in heating or compressed air systems
  • Overruns in thresholds
  • Notification in energy monitoring and management


Typical monitoring applications with SystemTera

  • Smart Home in apartment and detached house
  • Cottage or second home
  • Industrial plants
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • District heating systems and transfer stations
  • Heating systems in public buildings and schools
  • Business parks and shopping centers
  • Energy Monitoring and Management

SystemTera.Cloud Services

Local systems monitoring is easily possible via the SystemTera.Cloud. Access to the full service range can be found on the SystemTera.Cloud Services account. For large companies, there is also the possibility of a private cloud that runs entirely in a protected infrastructure owned by that company.