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SystemTera® | Version Information SystemTera 2.18.0


Version Information SystemTera 2.18.0

New or Improved Functionality

[STA-2611] – Support for EnOcean Meters

Support for the following Equipment Profiles has been added:

A5-12-00 Automated Meter Reading / Counter
A5-12-01 Automated Meter Reading / Electricity
A5-12-02 Automated Meter Reading / Gas
A5-12-03 Automated Meter Reading / Water
A5-12-10 Automated Meter Reading / Current meter 16 channels

[STA-2612] – Support for EnOceanLight Sensors

Support for the following Equipment Profiles has been added:

A5 06 01 Light Sensor 60.000lx
A5 06 02 Light Sensor 1.020lx
A5 06 03 Light Sensor 1000lx
A5 06 04 Light Sensor Curtain Wall Brightness
A5 06 05 Light Sensor 10.200lx

[STA-2604] – Improved Sync of Date and Time between SystemTera.Server and Cloud

Up to now the tenant contained the defintion of the time zone for an installation. The admin web provided by the SystemTera.Server only permitted viewing the time zone.

Synchronization of the system time used to be done by a module configured in tenant management. Communication with the time sync module happened after the SystemTera.Server had established secure communication with the SystemTera.Cloud. This posed a problem if the server time was off by years, e.g. after loosing power for longer than the internal energy buffer could maintain the real-time clock during a power cut. If this caused the real-time clock to have a date outside the validity period of the encryption certificate of the cloud, the SystemTera.Server was then not able to establish secure communication with the cloud. After a number of certificate errors, the server would then try to update the system time using an ntp server.

Now the time zone is set using the administrative web interface of the SystemTera.Server. The SystemTera.Server is now completely independent of the time zone of the SystemTera.Cloud. There is no management of a time zone for the SystemTera.Server as part of tenant management in the cloud. The synchronization of universal time between SystemTera.Server and SystemTera.Cloud is now happening using an unencrypted anonymous call to the SystemTera.Cloud prior to establishing secure communications.

[STA-2596] – New Modbus IP / RTU Slave Parameter: Device Read Delay

There is a new property “Device Read Delay [ms]” for Modbus devices queried by a SystemTera.Server acting as a Modbus master.
This setting defines a pause on the bus before the first read query is sent to the device in a polling cycle. The sum of this setting and the “Attribute Read Delay” setting defines the total wait period before the first query is sent.

The “Attribute Read Delay” is waited for before each register read request in a poll cycle. “Device Read Delay [ms]” is waited for only before the first register read request in a poll cycle.

This property is useful for communicating with several slaves which share the same polling cycle interval but require a pause on the bus to be responsive (e.g. because they do not adhere to all standard Modbus timing requirements due to a lack of CPU resources).

[STA-2601] – Alerts are always created with the remote monitoring module activated

In order for alert objects to successfully raise an alert via the SystemTera.Cloud, the alert object must be associated with the remote monitoring module.

Previous System Behavior:

When adding an alert object to the configuration: the remote monitoring module was associated with the alert object depending on the default value for adding new data objects in general defined for the tenant.

System Behavior now:

When adding an alert object to the configuration: the remote monitoring module is associated with the alert object.

Fixed Defects

[STA-2617] – Some Drop Down controls led to a crash since the last Windows 10 Update

Previous System Behavior:

A click on many of the drop-down controls in the SystemTera.Manager led to its crash since the last Windows 10 update. (e.g. selecting the components of an EnOcean Equipment Profile)

System Behavior now:

The problem has been solved and all controls can be used again.

[STA-2626] – Spurious Restarts of the SystemTera.Server with a Signal 6 log message

Previous System Behavior:

If the SystemTera.Server needed to start several internal operations which required a parameter with a QSharedPointer with a null content before the first such operation was finished, the SystemTera.Server was stopped with a Signal 6 and restarted.

System Behavior now:

The problem has been solved.