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SystemTera® | Vizualisation of KNX installations

Vizualisation of KNX installations

Vizualisation of KNX installations

KNX or EIB visualization via app or PC

server_prod_layerlslider4Given the endless advantages that the bus-based electrical installation of KNX or EIB offers numerous homes and commercial properties are already equipped with this innovation. When easily accessible devices like mobile phone, tablet or PC can do the monitoring for you, why should you worry about being unaware of what’s happening in your absence.

To visualize a KNX system operated via an application, all you need is a SystemTera.Server. In just three steps you can have visual access to your installation!



In just three steps you visualize your KNX installation



  1. SystemTera.Server – installation in distribution, connection to the KNX bus, commissioning
  2. Import ETS project file in the SystemTera.Manager
  3. Creating the visualization with the existing data points

And now you can simply use it as your blinds or lighting control or call scenes.

Import and visualization

SystemTera_ManagerWith SystemTera you can easily and effectively visualize your existing KNX installation. SystemTera.Manager allows the import of project file of the KNX ETS and this way all existing data points are available. The visualization editor of SystemTera.Manager allows for a graphical accommodation of these data points and your installation is ready to be viewed and monitored through an Android, Windows or Apple iOS app, displayed in the console view of the SystemTera.Manager.

This allows you to monitor and control your plant – from home or while you are literally mobile – that is traveling.

Still want to know the most intriguing part? The SystemTera.App communicates at your home directly either with your SystemTera.Server or goes through the cloud. The traffic is encrypted, secure and restricted to a bare minimum. This saves bandwidth and increases the performance of your application.

For technically experienced: We are using the ‘real apps’! That is, your app is not made of a packaged website, but is a standalone program that can be accessed when needed directly or via the cloud to your SystemTera.Server. Remote access via the cloud can deal with changing IP addresses. It is neither necessary to unlock inbound communication ports on your firewall, nor to configure a DynDNS provider.

You can expand the SystemTera.Server of your KNX system to other devices that cannot deal directly with the KNX. These include Davis weather stations, EnOcean (buttons, temperature sensors, window opening sensors), or Modbus RTU and IP devices (including those often found in inverter in PV systems, or different energy meters). You can also use the analog and digital inputs of SystemTera.Servers by connecting directly to a temperature sensor or an opening sensor at the SystemTera.Server. Let it send alarms from the monitoring system as an email or SMS *!



Why is SystemTera focussed on KNX/EIB?

So what really sets apart SystemTera from many vendors building automation? Well, simply put, SystemTera relies on industry standards and prefers proprietary solutions. One of these standards is KNX.

KNX emerged from the development of the established bus standards laid down by the European Installation Bus (EIB), and those defined by EHS (household appliances and consumer electronics) and Batibus (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Today KNX is paramount as ISO standard for fieldbus control in the building services and allows a manufacturer the most advantageous cross-discipline communication of heating, lighting, blinds, ventilation and security systems.

Besides KNX, your SystemTera.Server supports other bus systems, which are established in the building control system. This allows you to visualize a SystemTera.Server not only your KNX installation, but also display values of a Modbus electricity meter or set up a gateway between devices with different standards.

Do you know what makes the use of SystemTera at KNX / EIB highly convenient?

To visualize KNX with SystemTera you do not need the KNX ETS Parametric program, but only the project file of your installation. The SystemTera.Server is from the perspective of ETS and requires no device configuration, and therefore does not have to be applied there. By importing the ETS project file they have access to all the data points in your KNX installation.

Did you know that you can help support SystemTera and save during commissioning?

You can access your KNX installation via Ethernet over the SystemTera.Server. Also you do not need a KNX-USB or KNX-IP Interface to KNX devices with the ETS program. Just use the infrastructure of SystemTera.Server. This saves material cost and space in your switching cabinet.

Did you know that you can access your installation easily even from a distance?

With the SystemTera.Cloud you have full and secure access to your home or business space. You can switch on and off a consumer or just have monitoring and so be sure that everything is in order. The SystemTera.App for Android and iOS and can be installed on virtually any mobile phone or tablet PC.


Functional Overview

  • Communicate with KNX actuators and sensors
  • Implementing comfort functions – for example, shading dependent on the position of the sun, or logic functions for which you would otherwise buy separate KNX logic modules
  • monitoring functions- when the outside temperature and the heating flow temperature are raising for a specific period an alarm at a defined value is sent
  • Gateway to other bus systems
  • Fast & Easy KNX vizualisation for PC and mobile device
  • ETS not necessary communication via group addresses
  • Access locally or over SystemTera.Cloud
  • SMS * or email alert

Typical applications

Typically SystemTera is used in conjunction with KNX in the following solutions:

  • Visualization and operation of actuators, such as blinds and venetian blinds, door openers, etc.
  • Remote monitoring and remote control (e.g. also in weekend houses and apartments)
  • Monitoring Sensors
  • Data logger to USB Stick
  • Lighting control, data gateway to the heating system, etc.


If in your installation individual components from a certain manufacturer are no longer available, you can easily replace them with devices from other manufacturers.

The main KNX manufacturers

  • ABB
  • Schrack
  • Busch Jaeger Elektro
  • Jung
  • Gira
  • Elsner Elektronik
  • Hager
  • Siemens
  • Theben
  • Thermokon
  • Warema
  • K-Bus GVS
  • Zennio
  • Merten
  • Somfy
  • Berker
  • MDT

*:SMS Service is optional service of SystemTera

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